About the Founder

Sagar Punwani

Sagar Punwani attained his masters degree from the U.K. Initially sckeptical about venturing into the world of marketing and sales, his point of view changed when he worked in tandem with Sukesh Khanna.
Hanging out with Sukesh helped him learn a lot and he effectively managed to handle the reins.
From not being able to sell initially to being promoted to the post of ‘Organizational Head’ on 15th October, 2014, his journey has been full hurdles that he’s managed to overcome successfully.
Today, he heads an enthusiastic team and enjoys working with them and helping them be the leaders of tomorrow.

His business mantra has always been – ‘Empower People & Build Strong Relationships’

Human Commercials

To engage with the consumers in a more effective and efficient manner, The Legion Group undertakes an approach known as ‘The Human Commercial.’

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Certification Programs

The career development path is an example of how we guide people from a sales and marketing path (business associate) through to management.

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Our wide range of network is spread across several metropolitan cities and we also seek to expand our services to various other cities in the near future.

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Our Service

We understand the importance of customer acquisition in our line of business and develop a relationship with our target group.

According to us, successful branding and promotion creates a positive impression around every brand we work with.

We ensure all our customers’ needs are met through the professional, high quality customer service solutions provided by us.

Through our services, we attempt to achieve and enhance the goodwill received from our clients and customers alike.

Events and road shows help us increase the visibility and create brand awareness of our client’s products & services.

Latest News

Sightsavers and Appco - Annual Felicitation Ceremony 2017

The 2nd Annual Sightsavers Felicitation Ceremony saw Appco and Sightsavers come together to recognize and appreciate the efforts put by the force field at the fundraising event.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“We are extremely proud to be associated with Legion and we look forward to continuing a healthy and prosperous relationship with them in the near future.”

– Sightsavers

“We wish to grow our partnership with Legion from strength to strength as we seek to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with them in order to focus on achieving our goal.”


“The relationship shared with Legion has been extremely fruitful and we cherish every bit of it. Every requirement of ours was successfully handled by them and we’re proud to be associated with them.”

– Unknown

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